How can you help us in this Ministry?


This is a ground breaking ministry in the Philippines, a church plant that leaves us with many needs that we are believing God to supply.  God is our source and we know that it is men that God uses to supply that need.  The following are some of the more pressing needs that you can have a part in helping us raise up this ministry:

1.  We have a bible school student enrolled and in need of financial support.  This would be                     $30.00 per month x 18 months.

2.  Our biggest challenge at the present is transportation.  We are in need of a Mitsubishi L300.  (Picture opposite) for the ministry, the church and getting our people around.                                  $18,000.

3.  Radio Program:  The single most effective way to reach people.  Form the mountains to the lowlands.                     $150.00 per month

4.  Purchase of House and 7.5 acres lot (currently rented),

This would also be income generating as most of it is Mango

Orchard.                                                                       $250,000.00

5. Church Bldg. Program

     a. Septic Tank

     b. Restroom for men and women

     c. Church bldg.

     d. Purchase of extended lot                                          $6000.00

     e. purchase more chairs for the church                           $300.00

     f. Electric hookup to our property                                    $300.00

6. Purchase of 2-3 motorcycles and side cars for employment and income generation of the church.

These are just a few of the ways you could help us in this outreach into the nations.